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What Does Clingy Mean? 16 Signs You’re Being Clingy

What Does Clingy Mean? 16 Signs You’re Being Clingy

You’ve been told in the past that you’re a clingy girlfriend. But what does being clingy really mean? You might just feel like you’re showing how much you care for a man…so why does he take it as you being clingy? And how can you keep from turning off your next boyfriend?

16 Signs to Watch for That You’re Being Clingy

Naturally, you do not want to be clingy. Am I right? I’m guessing you don’t realize that your behavior might turn off men that you date, and I want to help you discover what behaviors might be construed as clingy so you can avoid them.

1. You’re Insecure When You’re Not With Him

If you don’t naturally feel like a secure woman — either because you never have been one or because you’ve been in a bad relationship that took away your confidence — you may worry when you’re apart that he’s not really into you…or that he’s with another woman.

This is a tricky one because you have to first find confidence within yourself before you can be a good partner. When you’re confident, you are assured that the man you’re dating is into you. And by you exuding that confidence, you make him want you even more.

If you find that you are insecure when you’re apart, try not to bombard him with calls, texts, or questions. Realize that a healthy couple spends time apart, and that when you do spend time together again, you’ll have lots to catch up on.

2. You Turn Down Invites from Friends To Spend Time with Him

Your group of girlfriends goes out every Thursday for happy hour, but you can’t remember the last time you went.


Because you’d rather hang out with your man. Not that he’s demanding … Read More