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Can Friends With Benefits Fall In Love? 3 Ways to Make it Happen

Can Friends With Benefits Fall In Love? 3 Ways to Make it Happen

CAN friends with benefits fall in love? I’ve been asked that by so many of my female coaching clients, so I wanted to address the topic here.

But first, let’s define friends with benefits: two single people that have sex with one another, with no strings attached. Also known as FWB.

Or as Urban Dictionary puts it:

Ah, you gotta love the internet.

If you’re in a FWB situation and are starting to have real feelings for your weekly hookup, I want to help you figure out: can friends with benefits fall in love…or should you bail before you get hurt?

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CAN Friends with Benefits Fall in Love…or Is It a Fairy Tale?

Maybe when you first started hooking up with this guy, you really didn’t want any strings attached. Maybe you were coming out of a nasty divorce or relationship, and while you weren’t ready for another relationship, you did have…um…certain physical needs you needed to address. You know, someone to just “have fun” with.

And maybe that FWB situation worked well for you for a while…but the more time you’re spending with this guy, the more you’re starting to fall for him.

Thing is, you’re not sure how he feels. Do you risk jeopardizing the current situation (and maybe even ruining your friendship) by telling him how you feel? Or do you quash those feelings and keep hooking up? (Let’s be honest: you know the second option isn’t realistic.)

Let me say that yes, friends with benefits can fall in love…but it really depends on the situation. I knew a guy in college who had his … Read More